Cream Conditioner : l’après-shampooing protéiné et léger

Cream Conditioner : light protein conditioner

Looking to detangle and soften your hair while maintaining volume and light curls? The Weightless Program's Cream Conditioner will delight you! 
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Its composition: moisturizing & protein

Made with 98.9% natural ingredients, the Cream Conditioner allows all types of textured hair to obtain volume, lightness and protection. Oligopeptides from sweet almond protein strengthen the fiber without weighing it down, olive helps detangle and soften curls, and betaine helps retain the hair's natural moisture. Your curls come out soft, detangled and voluminous thanks to this conditioner certified Ecocert Greenlife and BTMS free.

Cream Conditioner - Après-shampooing cheveux texturés - Les Secrets de Loly

How to use: as a wash or co-wash routine

Like the Pink Paradise conditioner, the Cream Conditioner can be applied after cleansing your hair with one of our shampooings or as a co-wash to space out your washes. Apply the product from the roots to the ends from 1 minute 30 seconds for fine hair to 3 minutes for thicker hair. 

Massage your scalp and detangle your hair with a brush, comb or fingers, then rinse with clean water and begin your styling routine. Apply the Kurl Potion leave-in for hair that needs lightness and volume.

The tips of the team Les Secrets de Loly 

For those with very tough knots, we recommend sticking to the iconic Pink Paradise conditioner which will make them glide more easily. The Cream Conditioner will detangle less tangled lengths.