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Free delivery on your first order with a 25€ purchase* (1) in mainland France and Belgium with the code LSLGANG

Free delivery on your first order with a 25€ purchase* (1) in mainland France and Belgium with the code LSLGANG

Free delivery on your first order with a 25€ purchase* (1) in mainland France and Belgium with the code LSLGANG


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Leave-in, gelée, lait capillaire : comment appliquer vos produits coiffants

Leave-in, jelly, hair milk: how to apply your styling products

Jeanne Roche

Have you ever found yourself in front of your styling product, after getting out of the shower, hesitating about how much to apply, before or after plopping, to moisturize or nourish? Rest assured, we are aware that cosmetics require certain precisions for optimal results. 

As each texture is different, the application of a product can vary from one hair to another. A leave-in should be applied first for all textures while a hair gel can be applied at different stages of your styling routine whether you have coily , kinky, wavy or curly. We give you all our tips on how to apply your styling products:

Leave-in : a structuring base 

Leave-in is a styling product that doesn't need to be rinsed out despite its concentration of moisture and protein. It is considered a base before any other styling product and is applied to damp hair for better penetration. We generally recommend the size of a grape for shoulder-length hair, a little less for shorter hair, and a little more for longer hair. Do you find it very light? Don't worry, the benefit of the ingredients will still be there, especially when scrunching your lengths, there's no need to soak every strand with leave-in.
We have two leave-ins, each of which meets specific needs, so you can choose the one that suits you best:

  • The Kurl Nectar, a leave-in composed of 10 supercharged active ingredients, will moisturize, strengthen the hair fiber and structure the curl. It is the richest leave-in.
  • The Kurl Potion is lighter but still moisturizes and structures without weighing down the hair mass. 

Hair jelly: hydration and hold

The Boost Curl jelly is the best-seller of the range, and for good reason! Many of you use it to define your curls, structure your waves or make your locks. This hydration complex with water and provitamin B5 will fix the fiber and retain moisture to limit frizz. We recommend applying it to damp hair after getting out of the shower or after using a spray bottle like the Rainbow Mist. Like the leave-in, a grape-sized dab is enough for shoulder-length hair, especially to avoid the cardboard effect.
The cardboard effect caused by chemical or unnatural products is due to the silicone film deposited on the surface of the hair, preventing it from receiving the right active ingredients. The product therefore remains on the surface of the fiber, leaving a bad finish, either very greasy or cardboardy, depending on the product's active ingredient.
For our Boost Curl hair gel, the "cardboard effect" is usually due to too much product applied: the hair absorbs the moisture and active ingredients it needs, then leaves the excess on the surface. If you're a little heavy-handed, apply a few drops of your favorite vegetable oil!       

Hair milk: moisturize and nourish daily

The Smoothie hair milk from our range is more recommended for coily and kinky hair, which need more nutrition than wavy and curly hair. However, curly hair that is very dry or breaks easily can use it until its fiber is stronger. The milk can be used on wet hair after your shower or on dry hair to refresh or make your hair look pretty.

  • Kinky hair: it will be the contribution in hydration which will be important in the use of the Smoothie as first styling product. The glycerin and aloe vera in the product will soften kinky hair, promote natural bounce and prepare the fiber to receive the nourishing product (AK Magic Twist).
  • Coily hair : the Smoothie will be applied for its nourishing properties to seal in the moisture provided by the hair gel. It will thus allow to keep the water in the fiber and to strengthen it thanks to the jojoba and sweet almond vegetable oils and the mango butter.

Buttercream : nutrition first 

The Magic Twist is our most nourishing product in the range, designed especially for kinky hair because their more numerous turns generate more breakage and scale opening. The active moisturizing ingredients tend to escape from the hair and the buttercream is there to seal in the moisture provided by the Smoothie and strengthen the hair fiber. It can be used on both dry and wet hair after your wash routine.
Curly or coily hair can also use it to create protective hairstyles. Braids, plaits, locks, the hair will be easier to handle and the fiber will be nourished during the first few days when it may not be used to being tied. 

The tips of the team Les Secrets de Loly 

To wake up with great hair, don't hesitate to apply a styling product before going to bed, in small quantities so as not to soak your pillow:

  • A dab of hair jelly for wavy and curly hair.
  • A lick of Smoothie for coily and kinky hair.

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*Of the three Smoothie scents, only the Smoothie Ananas is suitable for children and pregnant and nursing women because it contains no essential oils.