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Un sorbet corporel Litchi-Mûre offert pour toute routine achetée !

Free delivery on your first order with a 25€ purchase* (1) in mainland France and Belgium with the code LSLGANG

Un sorbet corporel Litchi-Mûre offert pour toute routine achetée !


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Les accessoires indispensables pour cheveux bouclés

Must-have accessories for curly hair

Jeanne Roche

Your curly hair needs special care that combines moisture and nutrition to achieve suppleness and definition. Your routines are essential to the health of your hair, as are your daily routine. So remember to protect your hair from breakage and use the right accessories for: 

  • gentle detangling
  • beautiful, appropriate hairstyles
  • protect your hair day and night

Detangling: gently to prevent breakage

A key step in any hair routine, and especially in a washing routine, detangling can be a real ordeal for some hair. Curls lacking moisture will quickly become tangled and, above all, the knots will become increasingly tough and difficult to slide through. The secret?

  • a detangling and moisturizing product to soften the hair and make the knots slide out as much as possible. The Pink Paradise is the perfect product to detangle even the toughest knots. 

  • a soft pimpled brush to loosen knots and make them slide out without breaking them. Our maple wood Magic Brush with soft nylon bristles will accompany you with care and softness in your daily life and on the go. Detangle your hair when the conditioner sets in order to benefit from the moisture of the conditioner.

Démêler cheveux bouclés - Les Secrets de Loloy

Hairstyles: combining protection and aesthetics

For your evening wear, for sports or simply to tie your hair up every day, your curls deserve to be pampered. Everyone has their own desires and tastes for materials and accessories:

Spiral elastics

This has become a must-have for kinky, coily, curly and wavy. There is nothing better to preserve the fiber and prevent curls from breaking when you tie your hair! Their springy effect and non-absorbent material limit pressure and leave all the moisture in the hair. Pink or blue elastics , you choose your color palette! You'll find three in each package, so there's plenty of variety.

Silk scrunchie

Silk is a material made of 100% natural protein from the cocoons of silkworms. It will therefore soften rather than rub the hair fiber. It will simply promote the conservation of moisturizing products in the fiber. Using a silk skurlchie allows you to combine hold and design in your hair.

Scarves and headbands

Also preferably made of silk or cotton, scarves and headbands will allow you to add color (or not) to your hairstyles while protecting your curls. Scarves on the whole hair, headbands simply to clear the face... The choice is yours!

Hair accessories - Venus & Gaïa

Accessoires cheveux - Venus & Gaïa

Day and night protection protection jour et nuit

Silk caps

Silk is the material par excellence that your curls ask for and ask for more! Don't hesitate to sleep with a silk cap or a pillowcase that will protect your hair and prevent you from having to start your entire styling routine again in the morning. A simple refresh with your favorite styling products will suffice.

Cotton or microfiber towel

During the drying process, we often think that spinning is just a futility. Think again! You have to be careful when drying because the water in the fiber at that time is very important. You need to pre-dry your hair without draining it of the natural moisture it was given during the shower. Classic towels made of polyester or other synthetic fibers will absorb all the water from the hair, leaving it dry and rough. Choose cotton or microfiber towels, or a simple cotton t-shirt. No need to go further, follow our plopping tutorial with a cotton towel..

The tips of the team Les Secrets de Loly 

Before tying up your hair, you can give it a little dose of moisture with the Boost Curl for example! This way your curls will stay soft and bouncy even when you untie them!

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