Plopping : meilleure technique pour sécher ses cheveux sans les abîmer

Plopping: best technique to dry your hair without damaging it

Dry your hair while protecting the hair fiber, define your curls while maintaining their shape? Plopping is the ideal solution for a dreamy, healthy head of hair!

Your new drying reflex 

This method allows you to protect your textured hair while drying, after your washing routine. It limits the friction of the hair against the towel and the hair between them. This way, your hair will be dry, defined and soft. You can apply your styling products beforehand if you opt for a full blow-dry of several hours, or apply them after a few minutes of plopping and then air-dry or diffuse. For optimal definition!

Les Secrets de Loly - Plopping - Cheveux texturés

How to make a plopping?

Step 1: after your shampoo, co-wash or hair-care, lightly wring out your hair and detangle it with your fingers or brush.

Step 2: then apply your styling products to your hair as usual. You can also apply the Cocktail Curl Remedy spray if you want to strengthen your damaged hair.

Step 3: srunch all over your hair to shape and define it, but also to distribute the product evenly throughout your hair! 

Step 4: spread a cotton (or microfiber) towel or T-shirt on a flat surface and place your hair in the middle of the cloth.

Step 5: twist the sides of the cloth to enclose the hair as a unit.

Step 6: then tie it in a knot over your head or tuck it under the cloth at your temples. Leave the cloth on your hair for 30 minutes to several hours depending on how busy you are. Your hair will come out dry or pre-dried, soft and defined!

The tip of the team Les Secrets de Loly 

If you want to speed up your drying routine, you can use a diffuser through the cloth. Even if there is a layer between it and your hair, remember to limit the heat to avoid damaging your hair fibers. 

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