Protéger ses cheveux texturés en hiver

Protecting your textured hair in winter

As you know, in winter, your hair tends to be more fragile and therefore break and be duller. Don't hide them in your buns, maintaining them will be your best resolution! We help you to take care of your hair during this period:

Doing deep treatment

With the cold and the winter wind, your hair is more prone to breakage. It is therefore important to use more soins hydratant et nourrissant ! Take the time to give yourself a little cocooning time and leave in a moisturizing treatment such as the Repair Time, or a nourishing treatment such as our Sérum Croissance in an oil bath every week.
The nutrition with its butters and oils will help you strengthen and protect your hair fiber, while the hydration with water, glycerin and aloe vera will allow you to coat and soften your hair.

Soins cheveux frisés, bouclés, ondulés - Les Secrets de Loly

Drying hair gently

Drying is a key part of hair health, especially in winter! It's no myth that going out with wet hair can be bad. Prefer plopping or blow-drying on cold air to avoid your wet (and therefore very fragile) hair from being subjected to too great a temperature difference.

Making protective hairstyles

Tie your textured hair yes, but gently! There's no need to over-tighten when you're doing a ponytail, and opt for spiral elastics to follow the shape of your bends.
When doing your protective hairstyles, remember to moisturize and nourish at the same time. For locks, the
 Boost Curl jelly will help you from the roots while the Magic Twist buttercream will be your best ally throughout braid-out, twist-out!

The tip of the team Les Secrets de Loly 

We can't tell you enough: a good diet considerably improves the health of your hair! In winter, don't hesitate to take a course of food complements to make up for certain deficiencies!

I protect my hair from the cold !