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Qu’est-ce qu’un cheveu texturé ?

What is textured hair?


Textured hair has always been our core business. And for good reason, it is a subject as interesting as it is vast because it includes several types of hair and several problems related to each type. We explain everything in this article.

A dry hair by nature

According to André Walker's classification, textured hair includes wavy hair, curly hair, coily hair and kinky hair. Their waves, curls and bends are caused by several things. Dehydration: the natural sebum does not go down the entire length of the hair and the humectants brought to the hair are not kept in the fiber. But also breakage: the hair is weakened because of its very shape and the heating products. Textured hair therefore tends to be drier than straight hair.

Specific needs

Drier and therefore more brittle and less defined, textured hair needs special attention. Even more so when it has undergone many chemical treatments and heat styling. It is therefore necessary to moisturize the hair in order to make it softer and more defined! A good hydration also allows to have hair less tangled because it is softer!

The second benefit to bring to textured hair is nutrition! It strengthens your hair, prevents breakage and therefore promotes length! Nourishing your hair also helps seal in moisture! Now you know everything! It's up to you to find the right routine for your curl type!

The tip of the team Les Secrets de Loly

For wavy/curly/fine hair: focus more on moisturizing in small amounts to make your hair more supple and bouncy. Our Boost Curl hair gel will be perfect for these hair types.

For thicker/coily/kinky hair: nutrition will also be very important because the hair's curves are much more pronounced and tend to break more easily. Nourish to strengthen with the Magic Twist for example!

Textured hair will no longer have any secrets for you!

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