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Qu'est-ce qu'une multi-textures ?

What is multi-texture?

Léonie Daigremont

Dual texture is having multiple textures in your hair . If in some places your curls are tighter or more relaxed, then you can assume that you have a double texture.

Why do some people have dual hair texture?

The hair follicles which are responsible for producing hair can begin different growth cycles and therefore create different textures in the same hair. All this obviously depends on each individual, that is to say on genetics. There is also a double texture at different levels of the hair, that is to say a different texture at the roots and on the ends. For example, a person may have hair that is wavy at the roots and curly at the lengths.

This is very common, you just have to find the right routine !

What is a dual texture?

A double texture in case of hair transition

When you are in a hair transition, your hair may have two different textures. In this case, your hair just needs some time to adapt because your hair was used to conventional products. The chemical components present in conventional products damage the hair fiber and deprive it of its natural keratin. Your hair may then be relaxed and less bouncy than before. They then change texture in certain places. This is where a double texture appears!

By using cleaner products, you are doing good for your hair but it sometimes takes a little time for it to return to good health. Don’t give up and continue your natural hair routine:

  • Find a suitable care routine : Detoxify the hair by applying Tropical Détox to your scalp with a scalp massage. Then find the most suitable treatments to deeply hydrate and nourish your hair.
  • Adapt your hair routine : No more conventional products, clean products are yours! Starting with the shampoo to the mask, find your hair routine to completely take care of your hair.
  • Cutting your hair : Make either a Big Chop or a Short Chop. Kesako? A Big Chop is the act of cutting your ends or lengths which are too damaged while the Short Chop is the act of regularly trimming your ends so as not to lose your length. You choose !

Learn to accept and love its double texture

It is important to accept its double texture to take doubly care of it .

Your hair requires special attention in terms of care. It is essential that you take this into consideration to have dream hair thanks to suitable products! Learn to listen to your hair to know what it needs to look its best.

Having a dual texture is part of you, so taking care of your hair ultimately means taking care of yourself! Hence the importance of taking care of your body in general. We can't say it enough: eat a healthy diet and drink plenty of water.

To embrace your dual texture and love your hair, don't rely on everything you see on Instagram. This is not REAL life and every hair is different. Don't look for perfection because what's truly beautiful in hair ultimately is imperfection.