Raviver ses cheveux après le sport

Revive your hair after sport

What better way to blow off steam, indulge yourself or stay in shape than to play sports? Don't forget to protect and pamper your hair after sports. We give you all our tips: 

BEFORE SPORT: protecting and moisturizing

Whether you're indoors, outdoors or in the water, your hair will face several attacks. Wind, friction, perspiration, it will be important to protect your hair and especially to prepare it to give it all with you!
You can apply a vegetable oil or a protective gel like the
 Boost Curl for example. It will both retain moisture in the hair fiber and protect it throughout the effort.
Apply a small amount to damp hair before tying it up.

DURING SPORT: do not break the hair

During sports, we tend to want to lock our hair up at all costs to prevent it from getting in the way, but remember not to tie your hair up too tightly, as this can weaken it or break it.

Opt for Pineapple Ring or satin elastic, perfect for wrapping textured hair! An oil will also help protect your hair and keep it from getting dry. 

Textured hair - Les Secrets de Loly

AFTER EXERCISE: Refresh without drying out

After your efforts, you feel the need to give your hair a boost of freshness? To avoid shampooing your hair again and drying it out, opt for a co‑wash. This is a washing technique that consists of cleansing with a conditioner. Apply the Pink Paradise to wet hair, massage your roots, detangle with a brush or fingers, starting with the ends to avoid breakage, then rinse and apply your styling routine.

You can also do a no-poo with a treatment, for example, to gently cleanse and moisturize with the Repair Time or a purification with the  Tropical Detox treatment. Apply one of the two once a week like your regular shampoo. You can apply your conditioner afterwards to finish your cleansing routine, but you don't have to.

The tip of the team Les Secrets de Loly 

For even more protection, you can do a protective hairstyle for one or more days: braids, twists... style your hair as you wish!

I pamper my hair during sport!