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Clarification - Les Secrets de Loly

Textured hair detox treatment: what is a clarification for?

Jeanne Roche

Clarification is one of the recommended steps when performing a hair transition. It is a detox treatment suitable for all textures that will purify and eliminate toxins and accumulated products in order to go natural.

You are not in transition? Clarifying your hair is also recommended on a regular basis in order to cleanse your scalp and eliminate residue from your hair routines , which can sometimes weigh your hair down.

What is a clarification

The benefits of hair clarification

A clarification allows to deeply clean the scalp and the lengths and thus detoxify the fiber of toxins and residues . Indeed, whether you are in hair transition or not, your hair accumulates products, toxins, dead skin, residues and it is important to start on a healthy basis.

The main component of a good clarification is clay known for its absorbent, purifying and healing properties. There are several of them, with varied and precise benefits, but all of them act for the same purpose: to purify, regulate and strengthen. This purification will, however, dry out your scalp due to its absorbent properties. So don't forget to hydrate the fiber after a clarifying treatment . We detail here the 3 essential clays for wavy, curly, coily and kinky hair:

  • white clay : to purify a sensitive scalp and eliminate toxins and dandruff
  • green clay : to deeply detoxify very oily hair
  • red clay : to regulate and cleanse a scalp that is often oily and prone to itching

At Les Secrets de Loly, we have chosen to favor white clay, also called kaolin clay, in our Tropical Detox treatment, for its purifying but non-aggressive properties and thus meet your needs for gentle clarification. But it is not the only product to purify your scalp.

Several possible clarifications

The Tropical Detox therefore responds to this need for clarification of all textures . The composition of this product has been designed to purify the scalp and the lengths but also to hydrate it so that the hair does not lose suppleness, bounce or shine: glycerin, agave syrup, chia seed and linen will hydrate the hair fiber and leave the hair healthy and soft.

For DIY fans or the desire to test other clays such as pink clay or Rhassoul, you can absolutely make your own mixtures and add aloe vera gel in order to have this moisturizing contribution that will be appreciated by your hair fiber.

Tropical Detox Clarification - Loly's Secrets

Use: when to clarify

In transition

As part of a hair transition , the hair may require time to adapt when switching from conventional products to natural products. Indeed, if your hair has been accustomed to silicones, sulphates and other products that are harmful to the health of your hair, it may take a few weeks to apprehend the natural active ingredients.

And this will be all the more true for people who have carried out bleaching, straightening and other very aggressive techniques for the hair fiber. But do not panic ! We are here to help you !

In transition, we advise you to do a clarification every week in order to find a healthy base. You can leave the treatment on damp hair for 20 minutes before shampoo. If you feel your hair is completely “dead”, it will be necessary to cut the damaged ends (see our article on the best tips for a transition).

To purify

Pollution, a lot of hair products, or simply the feeling that your fiber is saturated ? It's time to make a clarification! Purifying your hair will allow you to start from scratch and free the scales , which are often clogged with toxins. Thus your fiber will be able to receive all the active ingredients and natural components necessary for its health.

Whether you have wavy, curly, coily or kinky hair, you can perform a purifying and clarifying treatment twice a month:

  • before your shampoo to eliminate all toxins and deeply cleanse.
  • after shampoo for sensitive scalps prone to psoriasis, eczema, itching or dandruff.

In short, clarifying your hair is essential to get rid of your impurities and revitalize them for healthy hair!