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Find your routine during your hair transition

Are you about to start a transition or are you in the middle of it? You certainly have dozens of questions: can we start a natural routine in parallel? Should I change my routine at the end of my transition? When will my transition end?

We know that making a hair transition is sometimes an obstacle course so we give you some tips to make it a success with the right products.

Your hair transition: when?

Several factors can influence your desire to go natural for your pretty hair:
  • want clean products , respectful of your hair and the environment
  • desire to find your true hair type
  • want to stop any harmful and chemical process : straightening, coloring...

Either way, do it for yourself. You will feel your hair in better shape, healthier, shinier. In short, your hair will thank you!

You can then follow all the first steps of a transition in our article: Transition: where to start.

A routine adapted to your texture

When you start a hair transition, it can sometimes take your hair a while to get used to it . Natural active ingredients can, at first, be rejected by the hair fiber and thus leave an undesirable effect: sticky effect, cardboard... They have been used to silicone, sulphate and other substances harmful to your hair. Courage because this period can be tough. You have to preserve and above all find the routine that will be rich enough to strengthen and soften your hair fiber but not too heavy to limit these undesirable effects !

Hair transition - Les Secrets de Loly

Moisturizing and lightweight for wavy or curly hair

Wavy and curly hair needs more moisture than nutrition . It is important to bring them to drink regularly but without making them too heavy or fat. The ideal routine to start your hair transition smoothly:

Of course, this routine can be adapted according to your needs. Very tangled hair can replace Cream Conditioner with Pink Paradise, for example.

Nourishing and fortifying for coily or kinky hair

A coily hair will have higher nutritional needs and a kinky hair even more! But that's no reason to overload your hair fiber with butter and other very rich products. Finding the right dose and remembering to moisturize your hair will be essential to regain healthy hair. Here is the recommended hair routine:

You can also apply a few drops of vegetable oil or Serum Croissance to seal your hair routine and make your hair shine, or even replace the Pink Paradise with the Cream Conditioner if your hair is not too tangled or very fine.

I shop my products for my hair transition!

*Of the three Smoothie scents, only the Smoothie Ananas is suitable for children and pregnant and nursing women because it contains no essential oils.