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Our motto: satisfaction. Our goal: healthy products that are free of petrochemicals and components that can alter the health of the hair.
I recommend this brand with eyes closed!

I recommend this brand with eyes closed! I used it for my transition 2 years ago and since then I’ve found my natural curls back. Prices are more expensive than in supermarkets but the quality is really worth the price!!

Recognized of public utility!

Recognized of public utility ! Best curly hair products I’ve ever tried. Thank you for this amazing hair range. You have changed my hair routine ❤ ! And for those who are complaining about the delivery times or other things, all products are available at Monoprix ! (including Daumesnil).


Magical products, really, and even more impressive because they are natural. 5 stars more than deserved and the price is worth it ! A big THANKS 👏

Flora P