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5 astuces pour cheveux frisés secs

5 tips for dry coily hair

Jeanne Roche

Coily hair requires special attention because of its tight curls. Discover our 5 tips to get healthy, bouncy curls:

1. Deeply nourish 

Nourished hair will be less dry and with less split ends. Oil baths are the best way to deeply nourish your curly hair. For example, apply the Sérum Croissance* to wet hair before shampooing and leave it on for 30 minutes to an hour under a heating cap or hot towel. For very fine hair, remember to limit the product to the roots. Rinse thoroughly and then begin your washing routine. 

2. Strengthen the hair fiber

To prevent breakage and make hair stronger, it is essential to strengthen the fiber from the inside. To do this, the 4C food supplements containing lithothamnion powder, zinc, but also brewer's yeast and grape seed oil will revitalize coily hair. A 3-month treatment with 2 capsules per day will make your hair less brittle and more silky. 

Produits cheveux frisés - Les Secrets de Loly

3. Protect the lengths

Your daily life can sometimes give your coily hair a hard time. To protect your hair fiber from external attacks, pollution, friction, etc., consider applying a protective spray. The Cocktail Curl Remedy will be your ideal ally thanks to its pure keratin and raspberry oil that will together preserve the lengths and ends. It is suitable for natural, color-treated or transitioned hair and also protects from UV rays. Spray a few pshits in your hand before applying to your hair for better distribution.


4. Moisturize daily

We can't say it enough, moisturized hair is flexible hair and healthy curls. To that end, the Boost Curl jelly will provide the moisture needed for coily hair. Apply it to damp hair after a shower or in the morning after a quick spritz for soft hair. You can then apply one of our Smoothie** to seal in moisture and keep it in the hair fiber.

Produits cheveux frisés - Les Secrets de Loly

5. Detangle gently

The health of your coily hair also lies in detangling. Detangling on dry hair increases breakage because the knots are simply blocked and impossible to undo. We strongly recommend that you detangle your coily hair while applying your conditioner to help the knots slide out with your brush, comb or fingers. The Pink Paradise will do the job perfectly thanks to its synergy of jojoba and sweet almond oils and the hydration provided by aloe vera. Apply it after your shampoo or directly as a co-wash, the alternative to shampoo!


My coily hair has to behave!


*The Sérum Croissance is not recommended for children, pregnant and nursing women because it contains essential oils.
**Among the three Smoothie scents, only the Smoothie Ananas is suitable for children and pregnant and breastfeeding women because it contains no essential oils.