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Comment bien appliquer son shampooing sur cheveux texturés ?

How to properly apply your shampoo on textured hair?

Jeanne Roche

Washing your hair is one of the essential steps in a hair routine, but each person can approach it differently depending on their needs, texture and time of year, for example. There's no one way to use and apply your shampoo, and it's important that you understand your hair so you know what's best for it .

Wavy , curly , coily or kinky hair, the washing stage can be hasty like being a moment of cocooning that drags on. In this article, we give you the keys to find the best use for you and your hair:

Why do we need a shampoo?

Purpose of washing

We will first talk about washing in general, because washing your scalp and its lengths is not necessarily done with shampoo: other products can serve as an alternative .

Cleaning your hair is not necessarily the right term. When washing, the most important thing will be to clean your scalp , where toxins, residues or other deposits tend to accumulate more easily. By insisting on this part of your hair, and in particular by separating section by section, you will free your roots and take off the particles of the fiber. When rinsing, the product will not only take away all the residue from the scalp, but also from the lengths that are less anchored in the hair fibre.

Choosing a shampoo adapted to your needs is therefore necessary because a product that is too nourishing, for example, will leave a greasy deposit on very fine hair or whose sebum is released more intensely. Other alternatives are also possible to overcome certain problems encountered with too rich shampoos.

Alternatives to shampoo

Co-wash no-poo - Shampoo alternatives
Whether it's for a long-term goal or simply the desire to wash your hair without going through the shampoo box, several solutions are available to you.
  • the no-poo method : it is an alternative to shampoo rather focused on the long term since it is the fact of no longer using shampoo at all . This idea comes from an American, who was basically looking to clean her hair by avoiding the use of unhealthy shampoos.
    Very democratized today, this method is used by people turning to 100% natural or those wishing not to attack their hair. Because even if a shampoo is natural, it has cleansing properties that are therefore slightly aggressive for the most sensitive scalps.

The best no-poo compatible products are natural powders or clays or the Tropical Detox which contains white clay.


  • the co-wash method : this is more of a technique that can be used on an ad hoc basis, because above all it allows you to space out your shampoos and start from scratch in your hair routine without deep cleaning.

The two co-wash compatible products are the Cream Conditioner for fine or oily hair or the Pink Paradise for very tangled, dry and/or thick hair.

Choose your shampoo

We often say it, there is not a shampoo that suits everyone! Even two people who share the same hair texture may have different hair thickness needs. It is then necessary to choose according to your problem. In the article how to choose the right shampoo, we told you about the properties of our four shampoos, but here is a summary:

- Perfect Match: for fine, oily hair looking for more volume

- Sunshine Clean: for sensitive scalps, fight dandruff and soothe itching
Attention this product contains essential oils, it is therefore not recommended for children, pregnant and breastfeeding women.

- Perfect Clean: for dry and/or thick hair

- Bubble Dream: for children and for parents who are looking for a very soft product.

Shampoos - Les Secrets de Loly


It is sometimes complicated to space your shampoos and to settle for only 1 wash per week, but it is nevertheless what we recommend. Shampooing every 7 days will allow your scalp to regulate itself and therefore limit excess sebum caused by too much manipulation or friction...

For hair that gets greasy very easily, choose the Perfect Match and perform clay-based clarifications such as the Tropical Detox.


We'll get rid of the first cliche: more shampoo lathers, then it cleans. it's wrong ! Natural shampoos for the most part do not lather a lot because the active ingredient that makes lather is the sulphate which dries out the hair. The presence of foam is therefore not an indicator of cleanliness.

A shampoo of a dab is enough to wash your hair even if you don't see a lot of suds. We like to compare quantities to foods to give you a better idea:

- Short hair / boyish cut: almond size

- Mid-length / shoulder length hair: size of a walnut

- Hair beyond the shoulders: size of a lychee

The tip of the Les Secrets de Loly team

For a better washing and stimulation of the growth, do not hesitate to perform circular massages when you apply your shampoo. This will make the scalp more supple, oxygenate it thanks to the vascularization and invigorate the blood circulation.

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