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Comment savoir si mon cheveu est fin ou épais

How do I know if my hair is fine or thick?

Jeanne Roche

Wondering if your hair is thin or thick? If you have to choose a rather light routine or on the contrary rather rich? It is normal to ask these questions, because the thickness of your hair will have an impact on the products to be favored and the overall maintenance of your hair.

Thickness or density?

Hair thickness is not to be confused with hair density. We often hear people with wavy, curly, coily or kinky hair say that they have thick hair because they have a very high volume. But it can often be the density.

The density is expressed for the number of hairs on a given surface. The more dense hair you have, the more of that bulky, full hair effect you have.
The thickness is, in turn, the size of the diameter of the hair. Thick hair is hair that is more visible and may appear stronger and coarser.

Here are ways to understand your thickness and adapt products to it. And if any questions remain, do not hesitate to contact our trainer on Instagram or Facebook by sending a photo of your hair.

Difference Between Thin and Thick

To the naked eye

You will be able to see if your hair is rather thin or thick with the naked eye, but you will need to have a reference: a cotton thread for example .
  • Your hair is bigger: you have thick hair
  • your hair is thinner: your hair is fine

You will also be able to see it by putting it in the light of day, the more a hair lets the light beams through, the thinner your hair will be. On the contrary, a hair that lets less light through will be thicker.


To the touch, to distinguish a thick hair from a fine hair, it is enough to hold a fiber between its fingers. You will hardly feel the fine hair, while the thick hair will roll distinctly between your fingers.

Adapt your products

Fine or thick hair - Wavy, curly, curly, frizzy

Once the thickness of your hair has been identified, you can come and adapt your hair routines! There is no pre-established routine for everyone, some have been designed to suit specific criteria.

Products for fine hair

For fine hair, and also hair that tends to get greasy more easily, the perfect weightless combo will be Perfect Match shampoo and Cream Conditioner from the Weightless Program.

In terms of styling, the last product in the special Weightless Program lightness trio will be the Kurl Potion. It is the lightest leave-in in the range, suitable for all textures, whether you have wavy, curly, coily or kinky hair.
Boost Curl hair jelly will also be your best ally to maintain your curls without weighing down your mass.

Products for thick hair

For thicker hair and more intense hydration needs, the Perfect Clean will be your favorite! It can be combined with Pink Paradise, detangling and moisturizing conditioner!

For thick curly hair, let's go back to our first Kurl Nectar leave-in with its 10 supercharged active ingredients. For coily hair, the Smoothie* will provide hydration and nutrition while the Magic Twist buttercream will be your nourishing contribution for kinky and thick hair.

The objective that we have set ourselves since the beginning at Les Secrets de Loly is to offer a routine that meets the texture, thickness and also the specific needs of each person. We have therefore deduced routines that you can obviously adapt:

Wavy hair routine: with a distinction between thin and thick

Curly hair routine: with a distinction between thin and thick

Coily hair routine: with a distinction between thin and thick

Kinky hair routine: with a distinction between fine and thick

The good gestures

For fine hair

  • dose your amounts gently to avoid weighing down and greasing your hair

  • apply a little styling product in your Rainbow Mist for a better distribution (10% products for 90% water)

  • apply your moisturizing masks such as Repair Time before shampooing

For thick hair

  • feel free to seal with a carrier oil or serum**

  • apply your masks like the after shampoo

  • apply your styling products after pre-drying your hair in the Kiss Towel

*Among the three Smoothie scents, only the Smoothie Ananas is suitable for children and pregnant and breastfeeding women because it does not contain any essential oil.

*** The Serum Croissance is not recommended for children and pregnant and breastfeeding women because it contains essential oils.