L'interview de Myriam : comprendre ses cheveux crépus
Myriam's interview: understanding her kinky hair

Now very attentive to the needs of her hair, Myriam has spent many years caring for and loving her kinky hair. She tells us all about it.

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Entretenir les cheveux ondulés de mon enfant
Keeping my child's hair wavy healthy

Need to take care of your kids' wavy hair while keeping a natural bounce? We'll tell you how.

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Pourquoi les cheveux texturés sont plus secs que les cheveux lisses
Why textured hair is drier than straight hair?

Textured hair, whether kinky, wavy, curly or coily, requires different active ingredients than straight hair. Where does this difference come from? We explain it all to you.

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L'interview de Grégory : sa vision des cheveux frisés
Gregory's interview: his vision of coily hair

Gregory, today a children's entertainer, learned to take care of his coily hair thanks to his little sister. He tells us about his evolution:

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La routine pour les cheveux frisés de votre enfant
A routine for you child's coily hair

Looking for a quick and effective routine for your little one's coily hair? We give you all our tips!

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Interview de Camille : sa transition vers des boucles saines
Camille's interview: her transition to healthy curls

At 22 years old, Camille learned how to take care of her curly hair on her own. With little advice around her, discover how she learned to take charge of her hair.

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5 astuces pour cheveux frisés secs
5 tips for dry coily hair

Coily hair requires special attention because of its tight curls. Discover our 5 tips to get healthy, bouncy curls.

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Quelle est la différence entre un cheveu bouclé et un cheveu frisé ?
What is the difference between curly and coily hair?

The two textures of curly and coily hair, as close as they are, are not identical and especially do not have the same needs. We explain everything to you.

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Interview de Lisa : la meilleure décision de sa vie
Lisa's interview: the best decision of her life

Lisa, 23 years old, shares her experience with many young girls with kinky hair. From beauty standards to the best decision of her life, she tells us all about her journey.

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De jolies boucles pour mon enfant
Beautiful curls for my child

Don't know how to pamper your child's curls? Between detangling and the adapted products, we give you all our tips for a simple and effective routine.

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Interview d’Audrey : du défrisage au big chop
Audrey's interview: from straightening to big chop

Let's discover the experience of Audrey, 25 years old, who tells us about her hair evolution and all the steps she went through to assume more and more her hair with a double texture, coily/kinky.

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Cheveux crépus : pourquoi nourrir ses cheveux est important ?
Kinky hair: why is nourishing your hair important?

Kinky hair is a hair type that needs more nutrition. But why is that? We explain and advise you the adapted products.

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Limiter les frisottis des cheveux bouclés
Limiting frizz in curly hair

The wind is blowing, autumn is on its way and so is frizz! We'll help you get rid of it, for the best definition!

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Cheveux frisés : pensez hydratation et nutrition une chevelure de rêve
Curly hair: think hydration and nutrition for 2022

Looking to make good resolutions to bring nutrition and moisture to your curly hair. In the Christmas box, you have the perfect combo!

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Cheveux ondulés : maintenir ses ondulations
Wavy hair: keep your waves under the tree

Wavy hair needs even more care in winter. How do you find the right balance between moisture and natural bounce? We have a limited edition wavy hair set!

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La routine pour les cheveux crépus de votre enfant
A routine for your child's kinky hair

Taking care of your child's kinky hair has never been easier! We'll help you find a quick, effective routine and do the right things for your little one's kinky hair!

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5 techniques pour protéger ses cheveux crépus la nuit
5 techniques to protect your kinky hair at night

Finding your hair routine is great, but protecting your hair at night will be beneficial to the overall health of your kinky hair!

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Une routine capillaire adaptée, c’est quoi ?
What is an adapted hair routine?

We know that each hair type has specific needs and each person has different desires and tastes! That's why Les Secrets de Loly offers routines as simple as 1, 2, 3 and 4 designed to meet every hair need.

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