Protéger cheveux été - Cheveux bouclés - Les Secrets de Loly
Prepare your curly hair for the arrival of summer
The sun and the heat often bring their dose of external aggressions and dry out the hair even more. We give you our tips for maintaining your curly hair with the arrival of sunny days.
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Marie - Cheveux bouclés - Interview Les Secrets de Loly
Interview Marie: we all have things to say about our curly hair
For the past few years, Marie has been sharing her daily life as a curly-haired content creator on her Instagram and YouTube account. According to her, we all have anecdotes to share!
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Protéger ses cheveux crépus pendant le sport
Protect your kinky hair during sport
Do you have questions about the maintenance of your kinky hair before each session? This article is there to help you and guide you in your sports practice.
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Cheveux bouclés et sport - Les Secrets de Loly
Curly hair and sport: which routine to choose?
As we know, keeping your hair tied for 2 hours is not always very appreciated in the long term. So how do you protect your curls and above all find them always plump and healthy after your weekly sports sessions? We give you our tips.
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Maëlle - HolyKurls - Cheveux crépus
HolyKurls interview: advice from a specialized hairdresser
Maëlle, aka HolyKurls on Instagram has always loved taking care of kinky hair. After going natural in 2013 , she no longer set foot in a hair salon until her conversion in 2019.
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Comment démêler ses cheveux frisés ?
How to detangle coily hair?
Detangling is one of the essential steps in any hair routine. For healthy and defined curly hair, it is therefore necessary to use the right products and above all the best techniques adapted to each person.
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Les Secrets de Loly - Routine capillaire - Cheveux bouclés
What is an adapted hair routine?

We know that each hair type has specific needs and each person has different desires and tastes! That's why Les Secrets de Loly offers routines as simple as 1, 2, 3 and 4 designed to meet every hair need.

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La méthode du no-poo pour cheveux bouclés
The no-poo method for curly hair
The no-poo, abbreviation of “No-Shampoo” consists in stopping washing with shampoos. We tell you the story of no-poo and help you see more clearly if you want to get started!
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Interview Louise : des pleurs hier, un amour sain pour ses cheveux bouclés aujourd’hui
Interview Louise: crying yesterday, healthy love for her curly hair today
Louise had a drastic transition since she didn't even know her hair was textured. His debut on TikTok allowed him to understand his hair and its needs and to help a generation.
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Le shrinkage des cheveux crépus
Shrinkage of kinky hair
We regularly hear about shrinkage and often not in a very negative way. However, shrinkage, valid for kinky hair but not only, is a sign of good hair health. We explain this phenomenon to you.
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Interview Ophely Mezino : son afro c’est son identité, sa confiance
Interview Ophely Mezino: her afro is her identity, her confidence
Today proud of her professional but also capillary career, the former Miss tells us about her daily life between personal life, managing emotions via her afro and shootings that are more different from each other.
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Interview team LSL : Camille et sa transition toujours en cours
Interview team LSL : Camille and its ongoing transition

Camille joined the team with her hair straightened as it had been for more than 10 years and began, not without difficulty, a hair transition. It's still going on, as getting out of almost 15 years of solid habits is not an easy task!

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Interview @lesmillesetuneboucles : trouver l’équilibre de ses cheveux ondulés/bouclés
Interview @lesmillesetuneboucles: finding the right balance for your wavy/curly hair

Laïal aka @lesmillesetuneboucles on Instagram and TikTok came to talk to us about her double-textured wavy and curly hair and especially about its evolution over the years. Find out more about her journey here! 

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Plusieurs textures : comment trouver sa routine capillaire
Different textures: how to find your hair routine

It is quite common to have several textures in your hair. There is nothing alarming about this, it is simply a matter of understanding each texture in order to provide the most suitable hair routine.

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Interview @leiydipity : la force de ses cheveux bouclés
Interview @leiydipity: the strength of her curly hair

On her account @leiydipity, she shares her finds, her tips and her life as a young working woman in Montpellier. Sparkling and positive, you will surely find yourself in Leïla!

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Comment démêler ses cheveux bouclés et éviter la casse
How to detangle curly hair and avoid breakage?

How to make detangling and moisturizing easier at the same time? And without risking weighing down the mass and breaking your curly hair? We tell you everything in this article.

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Cheveux ondulés : maintenir ses ondulations
Wavy hair: keep your waves under the tree

Wavy hair needs even more care in winter. How do you find the right balance between moisture and natural bounce? We have a limited edition wavy hair set!

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Les accessoires indispensables pour cheveux bouclés
Must-have accessories for curly hair

Your curly hair needs special care to achieve flexibility and definition. Then it is also necessary to think of protecting your hair of the breakage and to use the good accessories for hair in full health. we give you our tricks.

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Garder ses cheveux frisés soyeux et définis avec la chaleur
Keep your coily hair silky and defined with heat

Does your coily hair tend to frizz and become dry with the summer heat? Moisturize regularly, strengthen and protect your hair fiber, we give you all our advice to spend serene vacations with a healthy hair.

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Différence entre cheveux ondulés et cheveux bouclés
Difference between wavy and curly hair

The lexicon of hair textures can sometimes be a little overwhelming. And once you've got the hang of it, the next step is choosing the right products. We give you here, the difference between wavy hair and curly hair, with the best products for each texture.

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L'interview de Kimberley : son chemin vers les bons produits
Kimberley's interview: her path to good products

Kimberley is French-Dutch, with a Martinique father's side and a Dutch mother's side. Her sense of belonging is between two cultures as is her hair texture, wavy/curly. She tells us about her evolution: 

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