Changement saison - Cheveux ondulés, bouclés, frisés, crépus
Changing seasons of wavy, curly, coily and kinky hair
As summer approaches, you may feel new needs for your wavy, curly, curly or frizzy hair. It's probably time to have a one-on-one meeting with your hair.
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Les bienfaits d’un soin par semaine sur cheveux texturés
The benefits of one treatment per week on textured hair
Are you still lost between hydration, nutrition, purification? We explain a little more about what each type of care brings you. Your days off will no longer have the same schedule.
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Comment attacher ses cheveux bouclés, frisés et crépus
How to tie up your curly, coily and kinky hair
Using the right accessories and applying the right products… so many details that will make the difference for on fleek hairstyles that last!
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5 conseils pour favoriser le volume de vos cheveux texturés
5 tips to boost the volume of your textured hair
Who has never wanted to have a dreamy mane? Some people prefer volume, others definition, still others absolutely want both. We give you all the tips to gain volume with definition.
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Comment démêler ses cheveux fins ?
How to detangle fine hair?
Are you looking for the miracle solution to detangle your fine hair without having to put 3 tons of products and especially without spending hours on it? We have the solution, take a little tea or a sweet, this article is there to help you gently.
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10 résolutions, ou plutôt objectifs pour vos cheveux texturés en 2023
10 resolutions for defined, bouncy textured hair

At Les Secrets de Loly, we love setting ourselves challenges and helping our Lolys to set theirs. So here are our top 10 resolutions to make (and keep) to make your kinky, wavy, curly and coily hair look great!

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Des coiffures de fêtes pour les cheveux ondulés, bouclés, frisés et crépus
Party hairstyles for wavy, curly, coily and kinky hair

We wrote you our best tips to enhance your hair without having to call on hairdressing professionals. The team validates 100% these easy haircuts.

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Soins capillaires : du temps pour soi et pour ses cheveux ondulés, bouclés, frisés, crépus
Hair care: time for yourself and your wavy, curly, coily or kinky hair

During the holidays, and indeed at any time of the year, consider taking a break and doing some conditioning and good for your textured hair. Here are our best tips!

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La différence entre hydratation et nutrition
The difference between moisture and nutrition

Often confused and sometimes opposed, these two inputs are necessary for healthy hair. We explain it all to you!

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Comprendre sa nature de cheveux et type de boucles
Understanding your hair and curl type

Between the different hair textures, porosity, hair needs, we get lost! In this article, we will help you know what your hair type is, so that you can then take care of it.

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Favoriser la pousse des cheveux texturés pour la rentrée
Helping textured hair grow for back to school

We know that second good resolutions are often made in September. And what better goal than to (re)find a dream length and strong hair? We give you our tips:

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Prendre soin de ses cheveux autant que de sa peau
Taking care of your hair as much as your skin

On a daily basis, our skin and hair can face similar problems: heat or cold temperatures, pollution, dryness, dull color ... We give you our tips to take care of your body as well as your head.

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Leave-in, gelée, lait capillaire : comment appliquer vos produits coiffants
Leave-in, jelly, hair milk: how to apply your styling products

Because each texture is different, the application of a product can vary from one hair to another. We give you our best tips for understanding each of your styling products.

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Hydrater ses cheveux bouclés & texturés en été
Moisturize your curly & textured hair in summer

How do you keep your curls and skin hydrated all summer long? We give you all our tips and good products to keep your curls perfect for the arrival of summer.

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5 tips pour donner du volume à vos boucles
5 tips to add volume to your curls

Looking to have a voluminous mane all day long? We give you all the tips you need to gain volume while keeping your definition.

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Mer, chlore, soleil : protéger ses cheveux texturés en été
Sea, chlorine, sun: protect your textured hair in summer

The sun has already begun to show its face and with it UV rays, swimming and other activities that can weaken your textured hair. We give you our tips for spending the summer with hydration and hair protection:

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Un co-wash léger pour repartir de zéro sans alourdir
A light co-wash to start from scratch without weighing down

Need to start from scratch and clean your fine hair without drying it out or weighing it down? The co-wash will be your best solution!

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Scruncher ses cheveux : le curly secret
Scrunching your hair: the curly secret

For us, this is the best technique for wavy, curly and coily hair! And by far! Scrunching your hair helps you to have the best definition and bouncy curls.

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Cheveux texturés : éviter les cheveux gras
Textured hair: avoid greasy hair

Does your textured hair have a tendency to become oily even after you do your washing routine? Your scalp probably needs to rebalance itself. Here are our tips.

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Cheveux texturés, bouclés, frisés, crépus, Les Secrets de Loly
Textured hair: how to apply its hair treatments?

A hair mask is your best ally in maintaining your hair and keeping it healthy! But how to choose the right treatment and the right application time? We give you all our tips.

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Raviver ses cheveux après le sport
Revive your hair after sport

What better way to blow off steam, indulge yourself or stay in shape than to play sports? Don't forget to protect and pamper your hair after sports. We give you all our tips.

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