Scruncher ses cheveux : le curly secret
Scrunching your hair: the curly secret

For us, this is the best technique for wavy, curly and coily hair! And by far! Scrunching your hair helps you to have the best definition and bouncy curls.

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Cheveux texturés : éviter les cheveux gras
Textured hair: avoid greasy hair

Does your textured hair have a tendency to become oily even after you do your washing routine? Your scalp probably needs to rebalance itself. Here are our tips.

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Cheveux texturés, bouclés, frisés, crépus, Les Secrets de Loly
Textured hair: how to apply its hair treatments?

A hair mask is your best ally in maintaining your hair and keeping it healthy! But how to choose the right treatment and the right application time? We give you all our tips.

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Raviver ses cheveux après le sport
Revive your hair after sport

What better way to blow off steam, indulge yourself or stay in shape than to play sports? Don't forget to protect and pamper your hair after sports. We give you all our tips.

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Protéger ses cheveux texturés en hiver
Protecting your textured hair in winter

As you know, in winter, your hair tends to be more fragile and therefore break and be duller. Don't hide them in your buns, maintaining them will be your best resolution!

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Co-wash : réduire vos shampooings petit à petit
Co-wash: reduce your shampoos step by step

Do you feel the need to wash your hair several times a week? After sport, to achieve a particular hairstyle? We have the solution to avoid too many shampoos: the co-wash!

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Cheveux texturés - Les Secrets de Loly
Black Friday under the sign of the definition

Looking for more definition for your textured hair? With fall well underway and frizz on the rise, our hair can use a little softness.

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Finger coils : la clé d'une belle définition
Finger coils: the key to great definition

What if you finally found THE technique to get good definition? And keep it all day long! We give you our tips!

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Plopping : meilleure technique pour sécher ses cheveux sans les abîmer
Plopping: best technique to dry your hair without damaging it
Sécher ses cheveux en protégeant la fibre capillaire, définir ses boucles en maintenant leur forme ? Le plopping est la solution idéale pour une chevelure de rêve et en bonne santé !
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Qu'est-ce que la porosité d'un cheveu ?
What is hair porosity?
Vous en avez sûrement déjà entendu parler : la porosité d’un cheveu. Est-ce que cela change quelque chose dans votre routine capillaire ? La réponse est oui et on vous donne son explication ainsi que les gestes à adopter !
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Transition capillaire : par où commencer ?
Hair transition: where to start?

You hear a lot of talk about hair transition, going natural, going on the right side of the force, and want to get started? It's not a simple step, but we give you our advice to get there!

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Qu’est-ce qu’un cheveu texturé ?
What is textured hair?

Textured hair has always been our core business. And for good reason, it is a subject as interesting as it is vast because it includes several types of hair and several problems related to each type. We explain everything in this article.

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