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Rafaëla - Cheveux bouclés - Interview Les Secrets de Loly

Interview Rafaëla: a natural transition without transition

Léonie Daigremont

Many of us at Les Secrets de Loly have made a transition when stopping non-natural products, smoothing or straightening. We know that it is sometimes a long and laborious process to find your true hair type. But this is not the case for everyone. Our communication and product manager, Rafaëla has never made a transition with Tropical Detox or any other powder or clay. She told us her hair story.

Her curly hair: not the primary concern

Taking care of her curly hair has never really been a priority for Rafaëla. Coming from the skin care or luxury domain, she was more focused on the maintenance of her skin, her face rather than her hair . In her bathroom, the composition of the products was more a subject for skin care and creams.

Her arrival at LSL, and the discovery of a natural hair routine made her want to take an interest in products for her cleaner curly hair. She then started a new routine that was no longer suited to her needs after a few weeks to find a new one.

Her slightly dry hair enjoyed the richness and hydration of the Sunshine Clean on her Les Secrets de Loly debut, but quickly the Sensitive Scalp Shampoo became too rich. She then turned to the Weightless Program shampoo designed to provide hydration and lightness! Then the Cream Conditioner conditioner and the Kurl Potion leave-in, keeping its must-have Boost Curl jelly. And there, revelation!! Those close to her claim that her hair is prettier, better defined and silkier!

Fun fact: Rafaëla arrived for her first day, with a straightening. Little by little, she regained a taste for her natural curly hair.

Going natural without transition

For almost 10 years, Rafaëla has done coloring and highlights quite regularly , every 3 to 4 months. His goal was simply to have fairly light reflections and effects. His various appointments with a hairdresser also allowed him to take care of his lengths.

That's why she didn't feel the need to transition before changing her routine. His hair wasn't too messed up, too loose, or sticky. Her hair has accepted natural products rather well. Which is not the case for everyone: the transition with the Tropical Detox is there to purify the hair and thus remove the residues of chemical products which prevent the fiber from absorbing the good nutrients.

Rafaëla still continued to straighten her lock/bangs very regularly. She realized that if she had straightened all her curly hair as much as her lock, her hair transition would have been laborious and above all much longer!

Today Rafaëla assumes her hair and above all advocates more naturalness in her daily routine.

Its texture: easy to care for, difficult to style

The subject that comes up quite regularly and why our My Hair My Power campaign is the lack of representation of textured hair in France. Rafaëla tells us that it was never a concern for her texture, which she considered more assertive at the time. His idol Shakira also gave him the strength to love and take charge of his hair!

Volume has often been an aspect that she avoided, but she never had a significant problem during her hair development. Yet today, the reflex on which she would like to progress is the cliché of telling herself that loose natural textured hair is not professional : “ I am one of the people who tell themselves that your hair is not really done with your natural hair
It's probably because she has learned all her life to take care of it but never to be proud of it through hairstyles. This is an ongoing topic with Les Secrets de Loly.

And LSL in all this?

Confidence, self-confidence and pride

"At LSL, we bring assurance and confidence. With the representations we put forward, we try to help people no longer feel isolated, to feel more proud to wear their natural hair. We help to understand, with hairstyle tutorials on Instagram for example: I'm a fan