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Serviette microfibres - cheveux ondulés, bouclés, frisés, crépus

Kiss Towel: microfiber towel to protect curls

Jeanne Roche

The first advice that we give to maintain our hair or find its true nature is to find the right hair routine and to do the appropriate care! What about drying? This is a key step in your overall routine for your wavy, curly, coily or kinky hair that is often overlooked!

Drying gently and without attacking your hair fiber will be beneficial in the long term to keep your hair supple, hydrated, strong and to make your hair routine even more effective!

Its composition: protection and softness

Drying is too often seen as a simple step, a futility between washing and applying styling products. Think again ! Drying your hair is a step that can completely change your entire routine and sometimes drain the hydration provided by your washing products and your care.

A synthetic or simply drier fabric will dry out the fiber, where the microfibers will soften it . As we know, wavy, curly, coily and kinky hair tends to be naturally drier than straight hair and therefore requires more maintenance. Although drying with a microfiber towel is also recommended for straight hair.

The microfiber material of the Kiss Towel will therefore allow you to absorb excess water without emptying the fiber of all the good cosmetic active ingredients . It will encompass your hair avoiding the excessive and aggressive friction of classic towels for example.

Microfiber towel - Wavy, curly, curly, frizzy hair - Les Secrets de Loly

Its use: practical and multiple

Indispensable in your bathroom, you won't be able to do without the Kiss Towel during your routines. In addition to protecting the hair fiber during drying, it limits the formation of split ends and frizz . You will have several ways to use it, on washing days but also during your refreshes:
  • pre-dry : when you get out of the shower, you can scrunch your lengths in the Kiss Towel to pre-dry your hair before applying your styling products.
    Drying can then be done in the open air or with a diffuser if possible in warm or cold air.
  • dry completely : you do not want to do several manipulations to dry your hair? In this case, after having wrung out your lengths by hand, apply your styling products then place the Kiss Towel in plopping for complete drying. You can keep it on for up to several hours depending on how your hair absorbs it.
  • remove excess water : during your refreshes, you dampen your hair and apply your favorite styling products. You can absolutely come scruncher to remove excess water before starting your day!

No matter how you use your Kiss Towel, it will adapt to all your needs.

To clean it, wash it in the machine at 30°C or by hand in cold water. Let it air dry, not in the dryer.

Tips from the Les Secrets de Loly team

If you are looking for a 2 in 1 towel, the Kiss towel will be ideal for your sports sessions. It will absorb your perspiration without attacking your skin!

To me the soft towel!