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Co-wash sport - Les Secrets de Loly - Cheveux bouclés, frisés, crépus

The trick for sports addicts: the co-wash

Jeanne Roche

Whether you exercise every day, or twice a week, you probably don't want to re-wash your hair every time. And we understand you! This is also one of the tips we give you the most in our articles and on our social networks: one shampoo a week is enough!

But how to refresh your hair and above all get a good start after a very intense sports session? A co-wash!!

What is a co-wash?

If you don't know this technique yet, it will quickly become essential in your weekly hair routines, especially if you play sports regularly. The co-wash is an alternative to shampoo that allows you to start from scratch in your hair routine without drying out your hair with a cleansing product . Because the washing base of the shampoo, as natural as it is, dries the hair by cleaning it. The objective is therefore to free the hair of the impurities of the day and to hydrate it at the same time. Hence the term co-wash: conditioner washing. So you can space out your washes and continue to have resplendent hair between your sports sessions!

This method can be used by wavy ,curly , curly or frizzy textures , but also whether you play sports or not. It's simply a way to gently cleanse your hair.

Post sports session: co-wash!

After your sports session, if you feel the need to do more than just refresh, opt for the co-wash! On your curly, frizzy, wavy and frizzy hair, the co-wash will help you find silky and hydrated hair without knowing the need to redo your complete washing routine! Several choices of co-wash are available to you:

Quick and regular co-wash

The first co-wash is the one made with a conditioner because it contains a small amount of washing base. You can use the Cream Conditioner if you have rather fine or oily hair or the Pink Paradise for thicker hair.

Use it like your usual shampoo, leaving it on for a few minutes, then rinse with clear water and start your styling routine.

Moisturizing co-wash

In co-wash, or more precisely no-poo, it is also possible to start from scratch with the Repair Time mask . This moisturizing and fortifying treatment will allow you to restart your routine while softening your hair fibres.

Leave it on for 5 minutes before rinsing with clear water then drying your hair.

Purifying co-wash

Finally, the last possibility for a co-wash is the purifying treatment! For oily roots and dry ends, the Tropical Detox will be another alternative to shampoo and not the least. It will purify your scalp and clean it while detangling the lengths! Perfect for sports sessions where you've sweated a lot!

Leave it on for a few minutes before rinsing then drying your hair as usual and applying your styling care


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