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Plusieurs textures : comment trouver sa routine capillaire

Different textures: how to find your hair routine

Jeanne Roche

Textured hair is full of secrets and sometimes complicated questions. It's our daily job to explain certain terms and help you understand your texture! Or sometimes YOUR textures, because it is not impossible, or even quite common, to have several textures in your hair. There is nothing alarming or problematic about this, it is simply a matter of understanding each texture in order to provide the most suitable hair routine.

Why do we have multiple hair textures?

Let's talk a little bit technically: the hair follicles responsible for hair production at the roots are independent of each other. They can therefore start growing cycles at different times and create different textures. All this is quite random and linked to genetics. So there is no recipe to remedy this nature.
Only certain areas of the scalp have fairly common characteristics:

  • at the nape of the neck, the hair is fuller but more fragile and brittle.
  • around the temples, it will be less brittle and more relaxed.
  • on the rest of the scalp, it is again quite random.

In general, the differences in texture are concentrated in fairly large areas. For example: curly hair at the back of the head and frizzy hair on top of the head. But sometimes it can be areas of a few centimeters. In any case, these textures can change from year to year.

Produits - cheveux ondulés, bouclés, frisés, crépus

Adapting your hair routine

Double texture on the scalp

There is no one-size-fits-all routine. The examples of routines that we are going to explain to you are indicative, to allow you to have a base to explore according to your texture, your thickness of hair, your porosity:

Wavy / curly texture: with this double texture, it is important to combine moisture and lightness to give maximum bounce to the waves. We recommend the complete range of the Weightless Program with the shampoo, conditioner and leave-in, coupled with the Boost Curl moisturizing jelly to best set the curls and protect the fiber.

Curly / coily texture: all those different sized curls, how do you take care of them? By providing a combination of moisture to soften and give bounce and nutrition to strengthen the fibre weakened by its curls. The right routine: the Perfect Clean shampoo, the Pink Paradise conditioner, the Kurl Nectar leave-in and the Boost Curl jelly.  

Coily / kinky texture: this very common double texture will need more nutrition to strengthen but not grease the curlier part. This is best achieved with the Perfect Clean shampoo, the Pink Paradise conditioner, the Boost Curl jelly and one of our Smoothies to seal in the moisture and nourish.
If you want to do protective styles, braids, twists, locks... don't hesitate to apply the Magic Twist

Double texture on the length of the hair

If you have a different texture at different lengths, it is probably worth clarifying to eliminate toxins, residues from your old hair routines. For a double texture, curly at the roots and wavy at the lengths, we advise you to cut the ends as much as possible because this can be due to several things:

  • very damaged lengths are almost "irretrievable"
  • a change in texture that has given way to tighter curls/

Glow for my double texture!
*Of the three Smoothie scents, only the Smoothie Ananas is suitable for children and pregnant and breastfeeding women as it contains no essential oils.