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Free delivery on your first order with a 25€ purchase* (1) in mainland France and Belgium with the code LSLGANG

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Cheveux texturés - Hydrater après sport

Taking care of your textured hair after sports

Jeanne Roche

Are you more the type to take your shower, eat and go to sleep? Or do you take the time to hydrate yourself, to do a treatment, perhaps to prepare your meal the next day? We have several tips for you, whether you're pressed for time (and sleepy) or looking for a complete routine.

In all cases, the objective will be to rehydrate the hair fiber after a moment when it has been subjected to severe tests.

Sport and its consequences

Benefits for hair fibers

We advise you regularly, having a healthy lifestyle is essential in addition to your daily hair routine to have healthy hair!

Physical activity, however intense it may be (everyone at their own pace) is a stimulus booster! Raising your heart rate by playing sports allows you to activate the cardiovascular system and therefore improve your blood circulation . Your hair follicles will therefore be more stimulated, better oxygenated and your hair will grow better ! Obviously this must be accompanied by a good diet and a hair routine adapted to your texture.

Negative consequences

Sweating, dryness, friction, sometimes chlorine, magnesia… so many attacks that can make your hair very dry and your hair routine less effective! During your physical activity, your hair is subjected to more intense external aggressions and therefore tends to come out duller, drier and less protected. They are often emptied of their natural hydration, due in particular to the heat emanation from your body.

First thing to do: protect your wavy, curly, coily, kinky hair before sport.

Then, here are our tips according to your needs.

Hydrate after sport - Wavy, curly, frizzy, frizzy hair

Do an express refresh for rehydrated hair

Maybe you train in the morning, or just don't want or can't take the time to thoroughly wash and dry your hair? This is where the refresh express comes in!

First dampen your hair with the Rainbow Mist then apply your favorite styling product:

  • For wavy or curly hair , opt for the moisturizing combo, the Kurl Potion leave-in and the Boost Curl jelly to hydrate and fix your fiber or define it by bringing it everything it loves
  • For coily hair, Boost Curl can also be used to moisturize and protect the fiber. One of our Smoothies* will be ideal for a more intense refresh or drier hair, on damp hair or not
  • For kinky hair , the Smoothie will also be perfect for rehydrating and softening your fiber. You can come and seal the hydration with a rich product like Magic Twist buttercream or vegetable oil.

You can also put the product directly in your vaporizer at 10% for 90% water!

Opt for a gentle wash

Who says gentle washing says co-wash ! This technique used to space out your shampoos allows you to start from scratch and cleanse your scalp without going through the shampoo box. Because a shampoo, even ours to

At least 97% of natural origin, dries out the hair fiber a little.
Making a co-wash with one of our conditioners will therefore allow you to free your wavy, curly, coily or kinky hair from the impurities of the day but also to hydrate it at the same time.

The Cream Conditioner for fine hair, less intense sessions or the Pink Paradise for drier or very thick hair, a gentle disentangling while it poses for a few minutes and that's it! Then move on to your styling routine and drying just the way you like it.

Let's go for your next sports session, hydrated and in great shape!