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Un sorbet corporel Litchi-Mûre offert pour toute routine achetée !

Free delivery on your first order with a 25€ purchase* (1) in mainland France and Belgium with the code LSLGANG

Un sorbet corporel Litchi-Mûre offert pour toute routine achetée !


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Garder ses cheveux frisés soyeux et définis avec la chaleur

Keep your coily hair silky and defined with heat

Jeanne Roche

Your coily hair tend to frizz and become dry with the summer heat? UV rays, external attacks such as wind or regular rubbing tend to weaken the hair fiber, open the scales and prevent the good active ingredients from being preserved in the hair.
Moisturize regularly, strengthen and protect your hair fiber, we give you all our advice to spend serene vacations with a healthy hair.

Daily moisturizing

Whether before or after your sporting activities, your hair needs care. The natural protective film provided by the raspberry oil present in the Cocktail Curl Remedy will help keep the moisture in the hair fiber and keep the hair supple. Spray a few pshits in the palm of your hand and scrunch the product into your coily hair. For DIY fans, you can also create your own homemade spray with the Rainbow Mist, 80-90% water and the rest of the Boost Curl or your favorite vegetable oil. Your hair fiber will suffer less attacks and it will limit post summer breakage.
Remember to do co-wash or no-poo to cleanse your scalp without drying it out and to start again on a good base between your shampoos. 

Coily hair - Les Secrets de Loly

Don't forget your treatments

Throughout the hot weather

Whether you're on vacation in the sun or living in the heat all year round, it's important to do deep masks regularly. Moisturizing will soften the hair and make it easier to detangle, while nourishing will strengthen the fiber and prevent breakage. You can alternate one week a moisturizing treatment and the other a nourishing one. Your hair will thus have a complete weekly supply.

  • The Repair Time treatment should be applied to wet hair before shampoo for fine hair and after for thicker hair between 15 and 30 minutes. It will bring hydration, softness and bounce to your coily hair.

  • The Sérum Croissance can be applied as an oil bath before shampoo on wet hair. Its vegetable and essential oils will strengthen the hair fiber from the inside.

Post-heat care

When you return from vacation or when your programs calm down, don't hesitate to do a detox to remove all the residues and toxins accumulated during your escapades. Even if you didn't have to deal with pollution, your coily hair may have had to deal with sand, sea water or any other particles that can block pores and prevent your hair from breathing.

The Tropical Detox is perfect for this step. Apply it before your shampoo to damp scalp and lengths and leave it on for 10-20 minutes depending on how busy you are.

Natural drying

Your hair has suffered enough as it is: UV rays, salt, chlorine, sweat... As much as you can, avoid any additional heat source and any risk of damaging it.
After applying the Boost Curl to moisturize and define your hair ant then one of the Smoothies to nourish and seal in the moisture, opt for an air dry after a plopping or simply wringing out your hair after washing. You can also choose the Kurl Potion if you have fine coily hair or are looking for more volume.

The tips of the team Les Secrets de Loly

In addition to your hair routine, remember to drink regularly and eat healthy to give your body and hair the nourishment they deserve.


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