Smoothies : laits capillaires hydratants et nourrissants

Smoothies : moisturizing and nourishing hair milks

This greedy name is not insignificant since the Smoothie is the only product of the range which is declined in several odors. Suitable for coily to kinky, it can be used in several ways and will be very complete since it will bring hydration and nutrition to your hair for an optimal definition and bounce. To fall for one of the Smoothies is to fall for the one whose scent speaks to you more because they all have the same basic ingredients. 

Its composition : double contribution of hydration & nutrition

Formulated with 99.2% of natural origin, the Smoothie is a must-have hair milk for texture between 3B and 4C. un lait capillaire indispensable pour les textures entre le 3B et le 4C. Doubly effective, it is both moisturizing thanks to aloe vera and nourishing thanks to mango butter, sweet almond oil and jojoba. There are 3 different smells:

  • The Smoothie Ananas: fruity smell and suitable for children and pregnant women because it does not contain essential oil.

  • The Smoothie Litchi-Mûre: its essential oil Litchi-Blackberry gives it a fruity and sweet smell.

  • Le Smoothie Vanille Ylang: based on essential oil of ylang-ylang for a bewitching smell.

Its benefits: strength & flexibility

The hydration provided by the humectant will make the hair more flexible and soft for a better rebound on the long term. The softer fiber will be less dull and frizz less present. If you tend to have a lot of frizz, don't hesitate to do a weekly moisturizer with our Repair Time. Find all our advice on how to use it in this article
Nutrition will strengthen and limit split ends on a daily basis. More strength and less breakage for longer hair. To further promote growth, you can use our Sérum Croissance as a growth serum or oil bath..

Its use: daily if needed

Each of the Smoothies can be applied during your styling routine when you get out of the shower or during a refresh on wet or dry hair. Their scent will leave a light pleasant fragrance in your hair:

  • For coily hair: apply your favorite Smoothie after the Boost Curl to seal in the moisture provided by the jelly.

  • For kinky hair: apply the Smoothie before the Magic Twist buttercream, designed to nourish and seal in the last.

The tips of the team Les Secrets de Loly 

For an express refresh, you can use your Rainbow Mist spray bottle and slip in 90% water, preferably mineral or lime-free, and 10% Smoothie to refresh your curls in the morning or at any time of the day!

*Of the three Smoothie scents, only the Smoothie Ananas is suitable for children and pregnant and nursing women because it contains no essential oils.