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10 résolutions, ou plutôt objectifs pour vos cheveux texturés en 2023

10 resolutions for defined, bouncy textured hair

Jeanne Roche
Tips & techniques Secrets de Loly

2023 is approaching and with it, new resolutions! Didn't keep your 2022 resolutions? Make up for it in the new year with new goals and new motivation.

At Les Secrets de Loly, we love setting ourselves challenges and helping our Lolys to set theirs. So here are our top 10 resolutions to make (and keep) to make your kinky, wavy, curly and coily hair look great!

Cut your hair every 3 months

It's something you hear regularly but find hard to believe? Well, it's true, cutting your hair regularly helps it to grow better and above all to be healthier. When we say cut, we are talking about the ends, you obviously don't need to get a full haircut 4 times a year!

The ends are the most fragile part of the hair, they are subject to external attacks and tissue friction. When you have a length at shoulder level, this is even more the case because the fibre breaks and prevents regular growth. The damaged part of the hair then slowly moves up the length, making the hair drier and drier...

Cutting your ends regularly will make your hair healthier all year round and encourage growth by preventing breakage!

Do co-wash regularly

The co-wash, a technique tested and approved by the entire LSL team! It's the technique that allows you to gently clean your scalp without drying it out and having to repeat a complete washing routine! More details and tips on co-wash in this article

We recommend co-wash to people who feel the need to shampoo more than once a week and to those who do a lot of sport for example.

To accompany you, two products from our range are perfect for co-washing:

  • thee Cream Conditioner: a light, moisturizing conditioner for a gentle start.

  • the Pink Paradise: a sheathing and detangling conditioner to help your quickly tangled hair.

Protect your hair with silk

Your curly, kinky, wavy and coily hair deserves the best! To take care of it all year round, we recommend you do your hair with our Skurlchies, 100% silk scrunchies that allow you to roll your hair without breaking the hair fibre. And as a bonus, the colors are great!

At bedtime, you'll also need to protect your hair so that it doesn't get too frizzy when you wake up. Silk caps, silk pillowcases, there are many choices to soften your hair and protect it until the morning.

Dry your hair with a microfiber towel

Continuing the trend of protecting your hair, microfiber towels will make you love getting out of the shower!

When wet, your hair is more fragile. It is therefore important to dry your hair gently while retaining the moisture from the products applied. The Kiss Towel will remove excess water without stripping the fibre of all its moisture. Soft, protective and cuddly, the towel will optimize the definition of your hair like a cloud. 

Moisturize regularly

Moisturizing is key! Whether your hair is kinky, curly, wavy or curly, moisturizing is essential to keeping your hair soft and shiny. The amount of moisture obviously differs between texturesQue vos cheveux soient crépus, frisés, ondulés ou bouclés, l’hydratation est indispensable pour garder une fibre souple et brillante. La quantité d’hydratation diffère évidemment selon les textures (see article) but the idea remains the same. Apply your styling products on the day of the wash but also as a refresh with the spray bottle Rainbow Mist between shampoos:

Scrunch, scrunch and scrunch

The essential gesture for kinky hair, wavy hair, curly hair, coily hair, it's him! Doing this with your styling products will give your hair more bounce and distribute the product better. 

Need more explanations? You can find a video and our tips in this article. Spoiler alert: the best product for effective scrunching and definition is the Boost Curl

Finding the right routine

A good hair routine is the key to healthy hair. One hair texture doesn't mean the same routine for everyone. Hair thickness, porosity, change of season... we all face specific needs, but here's a quick recap of the main properties of our products: 

  • Shampoos: the Perfect Clean is the richest and most hydrating of the range. The Sunshine Clean, designed for sensitive scalps and dandruff, the Perfect Match, a moisturizing and light shampoo for fine hair and the Bubble Dream suitable for little ones. 
  • Conditioners: the Pink Paradise for tough knots and the Cream Conditioner for fine hair. 
  • Styling products:  the products are a little more complicated because they depend on many characteristics, but we have explained to you here which ones to choose according to your needs.
  • Treatment: dull, sparkling or frizzy hair, make moisturizing masks withc the Repair Time. In transition or in need of purification? Opt for the Tropical Detox. Brittle hair, need growth and reinforcement? We start with oil baths with the e Sérum Croissance and the 4C. Finally, for hair damaged by the sun or very dry, choose the Cocktail Curl Remedy for small fortifying refreshes.

Detangle while applying conditioner

Another essential gesture, detangle while your conditioner is on. As mentioned in the drying resolution, the fiber is more fragile when it is wet because it is more flexible. But it is also more malleable. This is the time to brush your lengths but gently and while the Cream Conditioner or the Pink Paradise is applied. The active ingredients present, in particular sweet almond vegetable oil or aloe vera, will allow the knots to slide better and limit breakage.  

Make clarifications monthly

Detoxify, purify, clarify, as many techniques as possible with the Tropical Détox, designed to free your fiber of toxins and eliminate all the impurities accumulated in your hair.

Doing one clarification a month will be ideal for removing the residue from your routines, especially if you have a heavy hand, and purifying your scalp to start afresh on a healthy basis. Before your shampoo, apply from roots to ends and leave on for 20 minutes.

Assume its texture

Last resolution and not least: assume its texture! Easy to say will you tell us? But assuming your hair does not happen overnight, it is a more or less long process that is done step by step. For some, it will start by undoing their hair at lunch, for others, doing a new haircut.

We have, in September 2022, created the My Hair My Power movement to free the voice of all people with textured hair and to represent all Lolys in their unique hair journey.

Everyone has their own pace, but the most important thing is to understand their hair, provide it with the necessary care for its health and learn to love it. We're here for that, so if you have any questions, you can contact our team on Instagram or Facebook :) 

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