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Les boxes de Noël Les Secrets de Loly pour sublimer vos cheveux ondulés, frisés, crépus et bouclés !

Les Secrets de Loly Christmas boxes to enhance your wavy, coily, kinky and curly hair!

Jeanne Roche

A whole year without Christmas boxes? We missed them too! 4 personalized boxes adapted to all textures: coily, kinky, curly, wavy and for children ! In 2022 once again, there is something for the whole family! Are you unsure which box to choose according to your hair type? Don't panic Lolys, you know us, we'll explain everything!

A unique box for a complete and exclusive routine

You didn't wait for nothing! This year, there are 4 exclusive accessories that the community has been waiting for and that we are offering you as a preview in each Christmas box:

  • A spray bottle with LSL colors for quality refreshes
  • The Kiss Towel microfiber towel to dry without aggression
  • The Skurlchie, a 100% silk scrunchie for soft hair styles
  • My Hair My Power patch to assert your hair power!

Boxes de Noël Les Secrets de Loly

Box for wavy and curly hair (Box ondulée/bouclée)

This year, we decided to offer a, box for wavy and curly hair at the same time. Even if they are two very distinct textures (see the article on their differences), waves and curls have some characteristics in common: the need for light and moisturizing products.

So we've put together a complete package to moisturize without weighing down your hair and, most importantly, to keep it supple and shiny: the complete Weightless Program line designed to moisturize without weighing down your hair with the Perfect Match shampoo, the Cream Conditioner, the Kurl Potion leave-in and the Boost Curl jelly to lock in all that moisture and hold it in the fiber.

To these four products are of course added the microfiber towel, the spray, the silk scrunchie and the My Hair My Power patch!

Box for coily hair (Box frisée)

For coily hair, we know that detangling can often be the dreaded step. But with the right products, the hair becomes more supple and easier to slide out of knots. So we worked to make the box for coily hair moisturizing, detangling and also allowing more volume: the shampoo Perfect Match to prepare the scalp for detangling without greasing it, the Pink Paradise favorite detangling conditioner, the Kurl Potion leave-in to moisturize curls and structure them and finally the Boost Curl jelly to set and prevent frizz.

Note that the Kurl Potion and Boost Curl can be applied the other way around if you prefer to finish with a cream. And don't forget the Kiss Towel, Skurlchie, vapo and patch!

Boxes de Noël Les Secrets de Loly

Box for kinky hair (Box crépue)

For those of you with kinky hair who have been coming to our Christmas boxes for 3 years now, we've been listening to you! You loved this box for kinky hair in search of moisture and intense nutrition: it's back! This year, you'll find in your christmas box for kinky hair, the Perfect Clean shampoo which is the most hydrating of the range, the Pink Paradise conditioner to detangle the toughest knots, the Smoothie Ananas to soften and moisturize the fiber and finally the nourishing darling of kinky hair, the Magic Twist

Of course with the exclusive accessories: the spray for refresh on fleek, the microfiber towel to dry without drying, a Skurlchie to tie your hair without breaking it and a patch to wear the values of LSL.

Box for chirldren box pour enfants)

We haven't forgotten the little textured heads! This year, we offer a perfect box for children from 3 years old. In this box, you will find the Bubble Dream gentle shampoo, the Pink Paradise detangling conditioner, the Boost Curl hydrating and fixing hair jelly and the Smoothie Ananas hydrating and nourishing. We have chosen to offer this box so that each texture is satisfied:

  • for children with wavy and curly hair, the Boost Curl should be used every day to soften and moisturize, but also to make pretty hairstyles that hold. You can apply the Smoothie before the Boost Curl once or twice a week when you feel their hair is very dry. 
  • for children with coily hair, the Boost Curl should be applied first to moisturize and then the Smoothie to nourish and seal in the moisture provided by the jelly. 
  • for children with kinky hair, the Smoothie will be their best ally to soften and coat the hair daily, on dry or wet hair. The Boost Curl can be added for better definition.

The tips of the team Les Secrets de Loly 

Find our tips for using the microfiber towel in this article on plopping: this technique is recommended for textured hair because it is less aggressive and above all better defined!


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