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Quels soins en rentrant de vacances pour vos cheveux crépus, bouclés, frisés et ondulés ?

How to care for your kinky, curly, coily and wavy hair when you get back from vacation?

Jeanne Roche

You spent a summer in the sun, swimming in the sea, playing sports, tanning non-stop? Your hair has therefore become quite dry. Or you simply live in the sun and want to take care of your hair regularly. We hope you've taken all the precautions by reading our article on protecting textured hair in summer!  
In this article, we give you all our tips on how to moisturize, nourish and soften your summer-damaged hair:

Refresh your cut

When you get back from vacation, your hair has been subjected to several aggressions: chlorine, salt, perspiration, UV rays... It is often weakened and sometimes very damaged. The first piece of advice we can give you is to have your ends cut in order to start on a good post-vacation basis. If it was an idea you had in mind, don't hesitate to get a shorter cut to give your hair a big boost!

Afterwards, you can start a 4C nutritional supplement treatment to strengthen your hair fiber from the inside and stimulate growth. A 3-month post-holiday treatment will be the best way to get your hair stronger and longer. 

In-depth treatment 

Purify and free the scales

Between water activities, city trips or any other activity, the scales of your hair, also called cuticles, have been blocked by sand, salt, residues but also hair products. Clearing your hair with our Tropical Detox will free these scales and purify your scalp. Your hair will be able to breathe and will be ready to receive the benefits of your hair routines.

If you're taking advantage of your return from vacation to go natural, the Tropical Detox will also be there to help you regain your true hair nature with one application per week for 2 months! Read our article on the first steps of a transition..

Moisturize and soften

We'll keep telling you over and over again, hydration is the key to healthy hair. Whether you have coily, kinky, wavy or curly, a moisturized fiber is a shiny, flexible fiber that will be less tangled and stronger. All the attacks your hair suffers during hot weather deplete it of natural moisture and dry it out. The hair's sebum flows less and it is then necessary to do deep moisturizing treatments. The Repair Time mask will be your friend during the weeks following summer. Applied to damp hair for 15 to 30 minutes, it not only softens the fiber but also strengthens it. Its composition based on aloe vera, glycerin and provitamin B5 will moisturize and strengthen your hair. 

Nourish and strength

Nutrition = to keep the moisture in the fiber. 
Nutrition is ideal for strengthening damaged or even broken hair. It will also seal in the moisture provided by humectants, especially for very porous hair. You have several solutions to nourish and strengthen your textured hair:

  • Perform oil baths with the Sérum Croissance* to intensely strengthen the hair fiber: 6 plant oils and 6 essential oils to fortify from within, fight breakage and stimulate growth. 
  • Spray your hair with the Cocktail Curl Remedy. With pure keratin and raspberry vegetable oil, it will strengthen your hair and revitalize your cells. Apply to the palm of your hand first for better distribution.

Adapt your hair routine 

As we know, the nature of our hair can change every 6-7 years! That's why it's a good idea to adapt your hair routine to meet your hair's needs!

The tips of the team Les Secrets de Loly 

For healthy and strong hair all year round, a refreshment of the ends every 3 months is highly recommended! We also dread cuts... but it's this habit that will give you more length in the long run!! Nous aussi, on redoute les coupes… mais c’est cette habitude qui vous donnera plus de longueurs sur le long terme !

I take care of my hair after holidays!

*The Sérum Croissance is not recommended for children, pregnant and nursing women because it contains essential oils.