Magic Twist : buttercream nourrissante pour cheveux crépus
Magic Twist: nourishing buttercream for kinky hair

The Magic Twist is the most nourishing product in the line that will strengthen kinky hair during their hair routine. It can also be used by people with curly and coily hair. We explain all its benefits.

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Comment démêler ses cheveux bouclés et éviter la casse
How to detangle curly hair and avoid breakage?

How to make detangling and moisturizing easier at the same time? And without risking weighing down the mass and breaking your curly hair? We tell you everything in this article.

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Leave-in, gelée, lait capillaire : comment appliquer vos produits coiffants
Leave-in, jelly, hair milk: how to apply your styling products

Because each texture is different, the application of a product can vary from one hair to another. We give you our best tips for understanding each of your styling products.

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Interview team LSL : Camilia, les défrisages, le big chop et le naturel
Interview team LSL : Camilia, the relaxers, the big chop and the natural

Camilia, business developer France at Les Secrets de Loly had an atypical hair path before assuming her natural kinky hair. She tells us her story.

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Sunshine Clean : le shampooing apaisant
Sunshine Clean : the soothing shampoo

Sunshine Clean can be added to your routine if you have a sensitive scalp to alternate with other shampoos to soothe your scalp from time to time. We give you all our advice here.

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Cheveux ondulés : maintenir ses ondulations
Wavy hair: keep your waves under the tree

Wavy hair needs even more care in winter. How do you find the right balance between moisture and natural bounce? We have a limited edition wavy hair set!

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Les accessoires indispensables pour cheveux bouclés
Must-have accessories for curly hair

Your curly hair needs special care to achieve flexibility and definition. Then it is also necessary to think of protecting your hair of the breakage and to use the good accessories for hair in full health. we give you our tricks.

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Smoothies : laits capillaires hydratants et nourrissants
Smoothies : moisturizing and nourishing hair milks

This gourmand name is not insignificant since the Smoothie is the only product of the range which is declined in several odors. Each one has the same moisturizing and nourishing composition.

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Garder ses cheveux frisés soyeux et définis avec la chaleur
Keep your coily hair silky and defined with heat

Does your coily hair tend to frizz and become dry with the summer heat? Moisturize regularly, strengthen and protect your hair fiber, we give you all our advice to spend serene vacations with a healthy hair.

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Différence entre cheveux ondulés et cheveux bouclés
Difference between wavy and curly hair

The lexicon of hair textures can sometimes be a little overwhelming. And once you've got the hang of it, the next step is choosing the right products. We give you here, the difference between wavy hair and curly hair, with the best products for each texture.

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Interview team LSL : Zarha & l'acceptation de ses cheveux frisés
Interview team LSL : Zarha & her acceptance of her coily hair

Zarha, Community Manager at Les Secrets de Loly, went through many stages before saying that she assumes and loves her hair! She tells you her story.

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Hydrater ses cheveux bouclés & texturés en été
Moisturize your curly & textured hair in summer

How do you keep your curls and skin hydrated all summer long? We give you all our tips and good products to keep your curls perfect for the arrival of summer.

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Pink Paradise : l'après-shampooing démêlant indispensable pour cheveux texturés
Pink Paradise : the must-have detangling conditioner for textured hair

Detangling can be a complicated moment for people with very tangled textured hair. We give you our tips and the essential product for the toughest knots: Pink Paradise.

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5 tips pour donner du volume à vos boucles
5 tips to add volume to your curls

Looking to have a voluminous mane all day long? We give you all the tips you need to gain volume while keeping your definition.

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Mer, chlore, soleil : protéger ses cheveux texturés en été
Sea, chlorine, sun: protect your textured hair in summer

The sun has already begun to show its face and with it UV rays, swimming and other activities that can weaken your textured hair. We give you our tips for spending the summer with hydration and hair protection:

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L'interview de Kimberley : son chemin vers les bons produits
Kimberley's interview: her path to good products

Kimberley is French-Dutch, with a Martinique father's side and a Dutch mother's side. Her sense of belonging is between two cultures as is her hair texture, wavy/curly. She tells us about her evolution: 

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Cocktail Curl Remedy : le spray hydratant et fortifiant
Cocktail Curl Remedy : moisturizing and fortifying spray

On a daily basis, the Cocktail Curl Remedy spray will be your best ally to protect your hair fiber and strengthen very damaged hair!

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Que prendre dans votre valise cet été ?
What to take in your suitcase this summer?

Got a trip planned, want to get away while taking care of your textured hair? Here are the team's tips for enjoying your vacation with healthy hair.

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Quelle est la différence entre des cheveux frisés et des cheveux crépus ?
What is the difference between coily and kinky hair?

Coily and kinky hair have the particularity of needing more nutrition than curly and wavy hair. But other differences characterize them, we explain it all to you. 

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Kurl Potion : le leave-in léger & hydratant
Kurl Potion: the light & moisturizing leave-in

Looking for a leave-in that doesn't weigh your hair down but still provides the moisture you need? The Kurl Potion from the Weightless Program will be your best ally.

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Un co-wash léger pour repartir de zéro sans alourdir
A light co-wash to start from scratch without weighing down

Need to start from scratch and clean your fine hair without drying it out or weighing it down? The co-wash will be your best solution!

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